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I have played guitar since 1963 when I was 13 years old, and wrote the first song I can remember in the 1970's, however, music was on the back burner for most of my life, more or less a hobby, so where to begin?

Let's start with my retirement in late 2015, and a decision to lead a nomadic life on the road, beginning in March of 2016 when I left Southern California.

I outfitted a 1999 GMC Suburban to live in, or rather out of, and began crisscrossing the country, rather hurriedly at first. Daughter's birthday on the East Coast, other family matters pulling me quickly back to the West Coast, and so on. 

Eventually I slowed down a bit, and made my way to the Texas Hill Country, specifically Luckenbach, Bandera, and environs, where I met many other musicians, and really had my interest rekindled. 

One of the reasons for my choice to live a more or less solitary life on the road, was to spend time doing "inner work" - reading, meditating, and generally looking inward to evaluate my life and choose a new direction for its next phase.

One of the things I realized during this process is that, for the most part, the old phrase, "jack of all trades, master of none" could easily be applied to me, with a few exceptions. (For example, I'm a pretty good cook.)

I also took an inventory of the songs I had written over the years, and found many more than I had realized. A total of sixty, of varying quality.

At some point I put this all together, and decided that the talent I would set out to master would be music. Specifically, the craft of a singer-songwriter.

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